I have experience with creative, analytic, and scientific writing styles. My services span from writing copy for your business website or for pamphlets, to regularly posting on your blog. I am also capable of making some changes with CSS and HTML to customize the appearance of your site. (For more extensive web development and web design work, I would recommend No Lotus Design, a local Blacksburg business.) My rate for writing is $25 per hour. Please contact me for a free consultation on how my writing services may help your business today.


I wrote a loving testimonial about my alma mater, Warren Wilson College, for Smart College Visit, published February 25, 2016: Warren Wilson College: a Holistic Higher Education Experience. I then wrote a piece for the Rural System blog, excerpting my testimonial: Warren Wilson College: a System of Diverse Enterprises

Beginning in January of 2014 I have been working with Anne Giles, founder and CEO of Handshake Media, Inc. Anne is working towards becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Commonwealth of Virginia with a particular focus on addictions. I have been doing literature reviews of research relating to her work,
leading to posts such as On Making Meth and Money and 10 Sobering Facts on the Business Costs of Addiction.

This last post was also featured on the Cognichoice blog. Cognichoice is Anne’s most recent start-up, co-founded with her business partners, Alex Edelman and Jim Schweitzer. They released a new app in 2014, New2Recovery, which is a free mobile app for those in early recovery from addictions. New2Recovery is designed to help people bring more awareness into their decisions and choices, thus giving them more of an opportunity to make change happen in their lives. New2Recovery is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, an evidence-based therapy for treating behavioral disorders.

Since I began working with Anne, I have written extensively on addictions (and some other, related topics):

March 28, 2017 – Why 12-Step Approaches Are Not Evidence-Based as Addictions Treatment

March 16, 2017 – AA Is not Evidence-Based Treatment

March 6, 2017 – After the Shootings: Community Violence, Collective Trauma and Addiction

February 23, 2017 – Insights After Reporting on Addiction for 3.5 Years

October 18, 2016 – Addiction or Dependence: A Life and Death Difference

October 11, 2016 – Are Twelve Step Approaches Evidence-Based for Addictions Recovery?

September 30, 2016 – Sound Sleep Makes for Sounder Addictions Recovery

September 27, 2016 – Addiction Recovery with Others is Easier than Recovery Alone

September 6, 2016 – Trauma and Addiction: Common Origins and Integrated Treatment

August 15, 2016 – How Ithaca, NY Is Addressing America’s Opioid Epidemic

June 26, 2016 – 7 Science-Savvy Ways to Evaluate Research

May 4, 2016 – DBT Improves Emotion Regulation Skills for Addictions Recovery Success

April 25, 2016 – 11 Facts on Women and Addiction

March 4, 2016 What the Opioid Epidemic Means in Virginia

February 13, 2016 – 10 Sobering Facts on the Business Costs of Addiction in 2016

May 11, 2015 – How Self-Regulation Builds Recovery Success

March 3, 2015 – Nutrition Supports Recovery

February 22, 2015 – On Anhedonia: a Lasting Effect of Addiction

January 19, 2015 – Nutrition Supports Sobriety

October 14, 2014 – I Control You Because I Can’t Control Me

May 29, 2014 – On Relapse Rates and Sobriety Goals

April 15, 2014 – Latest Research Offers Smokers New Ways to Quit

April 3, 2014 – On the Meth Epidemic in Rural America

April 3, 2014 – Six Things Rural Communities Can Do About their Meth Problems

March 17, 2014 – The Business Case for Opening a Suboxone Clinic

March 17, 2014 – On the Rise of Non-Heroin Opiate Addiction in Southwest Virginia

March 10, 2014 – 10 Facts on How Addictions Treatment vs. Incarceration Cuts Costs for Taxpayers

Marcy 1, 2014 – The Local Costs of Meth in Montgomery County, VA

February 13, 2014 – On Making Meth and Money

January 10, 2014 – 10 Sobering Facts on the Business Costs of Addiction

In June of 2013 I began working for Dr. Robert Giles on his startup, Rural System, Inc. Some highlights of my work with Rural System include the re-working of the content and appearance of their website, and the launching of their blog.

Learning CSS and HTML as I went, I created an original, new site design for www.ruralsystem.com. Dr. Giles preferred the previous site design, but my layout is still preserved in screenshots and files of code.

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 8.58.34 PM

The layout I designed can be seen in this screenshot of the home page. Click to view larger.

Our next project was the launching of the Rural System Blog. I have penned over half the content of this blog to date! We have covered everything from a description of the project and its aims to various topics of interest, such as waste in our food system, precision agriculture, and addictions in rural America.