I am here to help you achieve a foundation for your writing where you may not have the time to find it. My greatest value is in meticulously selecting and checking facts to give your writing invaluable authenticity. Trained as I am in both analytic writing and primary scientific research, I have an eye and mind for epistemological rigor.

There are several ways I can help you with your work. If you have only just begun a writing project, I can provide thorough research on your topic so that you can start informed. If you have already done research, I can help you find the weak links, organize your research, and fill gaps in your knowledge.

My rate for research is also quite painless at $25 per hour. I would be happy to meet with you in person, through Skype, or via phone for a free, 30 minute consultation on your project. Please contact me.


Much of my research experience has fed directly into pieces of my own writing. I have also done research to support posts written by Anne Giles, or co-written with Anne Giles, such as:

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