For approximately four months I volunteered for the local, Roanoke start-up, We Evolve Us, Inc., as their Marketing Director. While volunteering for We Evolve Us, I became competent in social media marketing through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Beginning in May of 2014 I assumed the role of blog manager for VT KnowledgeWorks. During my time as blog manager, I have learned a great deal from the company’s marketing strategy, planned and executed by Christine Spalding and Lindsey Eversole.

I am capable of helping your business grow and maintain social media on a number of platforms, including Pinterest, Tumblr, Google +, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

My skill set is available at the highly competitive rate of $15 per hour. I can create and execute marketing strategies targeting these various platforms, and generate ideas for creative to keep your social media outreach efforts fresh and current. Please feel free to contact me about my marketing services.icon-marketing-nolotusdesign-laurelsindewald