I am a thorough, yet compassionate editor. My philosophical training has given me a fierce eye for logical errors, organization, and weakness in terminology, as well as usual grammatical fixes. I also have an eye for flow and style from my experience in creative writing and my voracious appetite for literature. My rates vary depending on the intensity of your editing needs. My rates include in-person meetings, as well as availability for questions throughout the editing process.

Proofreading: $18 per hour or $2 per standard page. Proofreading is a lighter form of editing that focuses only on surface problems in a text, including grammatical errors, formatting errors, and other obvious mistakes.

Copy Editing: $25 per hour or $4 per standard page. Copy Editing is sometimes light, but more frequently involves intensive reading for style, flow, and overall organization.  This form of editing may involve rewording text to improve flow, suggestions for stylistic changes to avoid clichés and other errors, and re-ordering of text where necessary to improve organization.

Content Editing: $30 per hour or $5 per standard page. Content Editing may involve content creation in order to improve style, flow, and organization of text. This rate also applies if you would like me to incorporate research into your content and to reword or rewrite content for accuracy based on the research. My content editing service includes a write-up on your piece as a whole, free of charge. Through my write-up you will be able to hear a reader’s perspective as well as that of an editor, and receive feedback on your work’s overall impact.

I require documents to be submitted in a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file. I define a standard page as having 1″ margins, and size 12 Times New Roman font.

Please contact me for a free, 30 minute consultation on your work and to begin my editing service!


Phoenix Rising-ad-300x480Early in 2014 Anne Giles asked me to help with research for her newly launched addictions recovery blog, annegiles.com. Anne’s blog is written from her first-hand and very fresh experiences struggling with alcohol addiction. Her post, Self-Care First, is a quick guide for the blog and a table of contents for her evolving story.

In April, 2015, Anne asked me to read through over 100 posts and to choose those which told her recovery story best. She asked me to put these posts in an order that made sense to me, and to edit them together into one seamless story. The resulting 27,615 word .html document was prepared in four months for publication through Kindle Direct Publishing, and is now available for purchase on Amazon: Phoenix Rising: a Journey of Self-Discovery Through Addiction Recovery.



“Without Laurel Sindewald, this book would not exist. When she began assisting my father with his work in June, 2013, I was secretly six months into my first year of abstinence from alcohol. It would take me another ten months to share in public that I was in recovery from addiction to alcohol. I shared for many reasons, but one of them was seeing the bright, shining, passionate honesty of Laurel Sindewald and not matching it with my own.

Openness created a synergy I’ve experienced with only a few. Laurel deepened my thinking, feeling, insights and writing with her fine mind, thoughtful discussion, and impeccable, extensive research. Then she took on a herculean task. She read my entire blog, excerpted it, organized it, and edited it as a book manuscript. As if it were her own, she entitled the book, designed the cover, and meticulously prepared the entire package for publication. The writing is mine. The book is hers. My gratitude is without bounds. I appreciate, respect and love you, Laurel.” – Anne H. Giles, July 2015.icon-editing-nolotusdesign-laurelsindewald