I find my greatest joy and passion in pursuing change. To be stagnant is to breed disease of the mind and body, but as long as I am moving I can grow.

Laurel Sindewald dances in Wildwood Park, Radford, VA

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the environmentally and community-focused Warren Wilson College. At Warren Wilson, I worked in the capacity of a fine woodworker and occasionally a construction worker. Learning from a book, I taught myself how to make a violin from scratch.

Laurel Sindewald's hand putting the final touches on a soundboard of a violin.

I also completed over 100 hours of volunteer work in order to graduate from Warren Wilson College.

Since moving to Blacksburg after graduation, I have had the pleasure of working on a variety of different projects. I have expanded my skill set to include competence with:

  • CSS and HTML code
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Market Research
  • Secondary Research
  • Online Journalism
  • Editing
  • Site Management
  • Social Media Marketing

My writing has only improved as I’ve acquired styles more suitable to journalism than philosophy or science. Furthermore, I’ve deepened my proficiency in the persistent digging that is thorough, secondary research.

Like many human beings, I have been contemplating and questioning since I have had the ability to do so. I may work in the capacity of a writer, researcher, editor, and marketer, but my interests are not limited to these roles. I am also a musician, philosopher, and biologist. I aspire to be a student of the ever-present moment.

I have been playing concert violin for 14 years. I have since expanded to voice, electric bass, guitar, musical saw, synthesizers, and software synths. I am currently working on composing my own music and collaborating with Beau Brooks, in our project, Fluid Exchange.

When I am not playing music I enjoy running or spinning fire poi.


I was born in Warrenville, Illinois in August 1991. Warrenville is a Western suburb of Chicago. I have two brothers, John and Travis Sindewald. My father, Bill Sindewald, teaches physics at Batavia High School. My mother, Deborah Sindewald, is a nurse practitioner and is currently working on her PhD in Nursing.

Laurel Sindewald

A self-portrait snapped on my study-abroad in Italy where I studied watercolor.